Why organic fabrics?

The bottom line is organic cotton is better for the environment and for the people you love. Conventional cotton accounts for about 25 percent of the world’s insecticide use and more than 10 percent of the world’s pesticide use. Yikes. Those chemicals seep into the ground, into the water supply, and are ultimately in the finished products increasing exposure to toxic substances for all of us. Exclusively sourcing organic cotton is our effort to make a small difference and put products we feel good about out into the world.

Are your fabrics GOTS certified?

Yes! All of the fabrics we source are GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified. You can read more about GOTS here.

Do you take custom orders?

Sure! I’m always happy to modify dimensions or use different fabrics with different designs. Just send me a message, and we will figure it out!

Do you have your items in any stores where I can see them in person?

Sometimes...maybe...here and there. Here’s the thing - handmade items are labor and time intensive and are often made with much care and love. While I’d love to have my items in lots of little shops around the country, it’s more important to me to offer high quality, beautiful items at as reasonable a price as possible. For some of my items, that’s doable in a shop while still maintaining a reasonable retail price. But for many of my items, it’s not as easy - offering them directly to my customers is the best route for those items. So I do partner with shops here and there - look for a list soon!

Do you offer wholesale prices?

Sometimes! See question above. I do offer wholesale on some of my items - you can click here to access my wholesale site, or send me a message to inquire.

So what's your background...how did you learn to sew?

Well, my major in college was Management Information Systems, and I worked in the IT industry for many years. So school was not my training ground for sewing. My mom sewed a lot while I was growing up, and she taught me the basics. But I began sewing in earnest when my kids were in kindergarten, and I decided to sew their halloween costumes (Super Mario Bros!). That turned into a Princess Peach costume for myself and a Toad costume for my husband….and I’ve basically not stopped sewing since! I still sew clothes for myself and my family (mostly myself since my pre-teens are not so into it anymore), and I spend most days at my sewing machine. I truly love it...and I get to listen to podcasts all day, so win, win!